Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kejriwal says Kingfisher did not let him fly,IAC protests - Indian Express

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal on Friday alleged that he was not allowed to board a Kingfisher flight from Delhi to Dharamsala, despite having a boarding pass.

The flight with 77 passengers was later cancelled because of inclement weather in and around Dharamsala.

Kejriwal claimed that he was prevented from entering the plane at the boarding gate, though he arrived an hour and 15 minutes before the flight was to take off.

?I was carrying a valid boarding pass. After I cleared the security check, I was told that my ticket has been sold to another person,? he said.

?When I asked how that was possible, they told me that 15 minutes before the flight they called me to check whether I would be travelling or not. I apparently replied that I would not, they said. This is bunkum because I didn?t get any such call. Why would I say no when I have been waiting at the airport for more than an hour,? the RTI activist alleged.

Soon after, volunteers from Kejriwal?s India Against Corruption held a demonstration in front of the Kingfisher office at Terminal 3 of the IGIA. Kejriwal demanded that the airline should give it in writing that he had been offloaded.

?They said all they can write is that I missed the flight. That?s wrong. They claimed they gave me a call and the number they referred to was displayed on my phone as a missed call,? he alleged.

Kingfisher has yet to give an official statement. Sources said Kejriwal was to board Kingfisher?s IT 4355 to Dharamshala at 3 pm, but the flight was delayed by an hour when he was cleared to board the plane.

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